Cringe Humor

The Cringe Humor Show Returns June 29th @ The Stand!

We are still alive damn it! 

Join us for a special Saturday @ Midnight Cringe Humor Show on June 29th at our venue, The Stand Restaurant & Comedy Club

The lineup includes:

- Jessimae Peluso (Girl Code)

- Dan St. Germain (Comedy Central Half Hour)

- Adrienne Iapalucci (Last Comic Standing)

- Kurt Metzger (Inside Amy Schumer)

- Sam Morril ( NY Comedy Festival)

- Big Jay Oakerson (Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon)

Tickets are $20 with no drink minimum. Use the coupon code CRINGE for $5 off admission!

Click here to purchase now or call 212.677.2600 to reserve. Lineup subject to change

Cringe Humor Show Returns This Saturday with Ben Bailey!

In early April we will be celebrating the 9 year anniversary of The Cringe Humor Show!

Did you know that Emmy Award winning Cash Cab host Ben Bailey performed on our first ever live event?

Come down to our venue, The Stand Restaurant & Comedy Club, this Saturday night at Midnight as we put on a special Cringe Humor Show featuring Ben Bailey, Nikki Glaser, Pete Davidson, & more acts to be added!

Tickets are just $15 with no drink minimum! Enter the promo code CRINGE when checking out for $5 off admission!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW or call 212.677.2600 to reserve

The Stand Offering Improv Club Prices This Friday Night!

Bummed out at the fact that a famous improv theater pulled the plug on their weekend stand up shows?

Feel like seeing a bunch of professional comedians at a club where they are getting paid to perform?

How about paying just $10 to get in on a Friday night?

The Stand in NYC is offering tickets to both their Friday, February 8th shows for just $10 admission! And oh yeah, no drink minimum at any of their events, ever.

Comedy fans must purchase this special deal through their website and enter the promo code IMPROV when checking out for the special introductory rate.

For tickets to the 8pm show featuring Pat Dixon, Rich Vos, Big Jay Oakerson, Carmen Lynch, Mike Vecchione, & more CLICK HERE

If you would like to come out at 10pm, Rachel Feinstein and Adrienne Iapalucci join Vecchione, Dixon, and Oakerson on the lineup. CLICK HERE

Fans are asked to arrive 30 minutes before showtime to assure quality seating.

Julian Kross Addresses The State Of Cringe Humor

..and nails it. Official statement from us coming soon!

In the mean time, read this gem;

"Today the Cringe of the 2000’s is dead. What was once a New York movement is now a major player in the national comedy scene. The name that once took a verbal shit on those who dared to cater to the mainstream, now pulls the chairs out to make sure the mainstream is comfortably seated with a clear view of the stage. Anyone showing up to The Stand expecting every set to be filled with dick and rape jokes is going to be disappointed. Today’s Cringe isn’t about walking the line, it’s about towing it. It’s as if they forgot about the filth that got them where they are today. It’s as if they took all that we loved about them and flushed it away for mainstream success. It’s as if, they put out their “Black Album.”

Click here to read What Happened to the Cringe of Yesterday?

UCB Pulls The Plug On Weekend Stand Up Shows

The fallout from the Kurt Metzger vs. UCB East debate is now happening, as the theater has pulled the plug on their weekend stand up comedy shows, mainly If You Build It

Here is an excerpt from Nick Turner’s Facebook page:

Ok, so as a result of the recent UCB mama drama, I will no longer be hosting If You Build It at UCB East. This past Saturday was my last time hosting with the wonderful MissKara Klenk

The show will be moving in 2 months to a weeknight slot and the price of admission will drop from $10-$5. Kara will continue producing and hosting the show. The comedians will still not be getting paid. 
A few different ideas were thrown around. One being switching spots w/ Airwolf and moving to 10pm and making the show free. It sounded like an awesome solution but obviously didn’t happen.

The UCB has decided that they will simply do away with all stand up shows on the weekends. It’s a bummer but may be the only thing that makes sense. Stand up is a square peg in the round hole of UCB’s incredibly successful Improv business model/philosophy. What works for Improv does not necessarily work for Stand Up and there is no shame in recognizing that and refocusing what the UCB East is.

I think what has been lost a little in this discussion is just how different of a club the UCB East is from the other two theaters. It is definitely a much clubbier vibe than I think anyone intended or is willing to admit. I never feel like the audiences are the kids that frequent Chelsea and LA and I think a lot of this has to do w/ there being no long standby lines that only 20-year-olds are willing to stand in. The audiences consistently surprise me by how old they are.

So UCB says, if we don’t like their policies, we should leave. Which isn’t wrong. So I’m leaving. With absolutely no hard feelings. I still have the utmost respect for the theater and will continue to perform when asked if I am available.

I’m actually moving to Union Hall. An alternative venue that I have earned a lot of money from. The ticket will be cheaper and I have a good shot of paying each comedian a good amount of money for their troubles. Most regular show at Union Hall pay each comedian about $40. It’s a pretty good deal. The UCB was right. It is time I move on from running a show there to a place that I think will make me happier.

The UCB has done for Improv what basically alternative venues in general have done for standup. I’m not arguing with anyone who wants to tell me how great the UCB is. I get it. It’s just that it’s great for Improv, but for Standup, the UCB EAST is kind of just another venue. 

Cringe Humor Show Thursday Night!

Thursday night at 10:30 PM join Kurt Metzger, Annie Lederman, Dante Nero, Joe DeRosa, Sam Morril, and Michael Che for the latest edition of The Cringe Humor Show

Tickets are $15 and no drink minimum. Buy tickets online now and enter CRINGE as the promo code for 50% off admission

Click here to purchase

Or call 212.677.2600 to reserve