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Great Week Of Television For Cringe Fans

The comedy juggernaut known as Louis CK is set to unleash season 3 of his FX series Louie tomorrow night. Check here for the latest info and prepare to be blown away

If a season debut wasn’t enough, Jim Norton’s new special “Please Be Offended” will drop this Saturday night at 10pm. The intro itself, featuring Ozzsy Osbourne, is hilarious and sets the tone for the special:

What are you more excited to see?

Is FX Network Fucking With Louie Fans?

Why yes Louie fans, you can now order a plain black t-shirt inspired by the man himself! $25 + S&H (and tax in California) can get you an authentic plain black t-shirt like Louis CK wears on stage!

From the FX Shop Website:

Sometimes the ordinary black t-shirt becomes iconic when it’s worn by a figure that’s larger than life, as is the case with the Inspired by Louie Black T-Shirt. When you want to be heard, keep the unimportant things – like what you’re wearing – discreet, so the important things – like your words, can be heard. The Inspired by Louie Black T-shirt is a place to start.

What a fucking joke

Louis CK Covers His Ass

Here’s a link explaining how Louis CK has abruptly pulled out of hosting the annual Washington dinner of the Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association on June 8th. While it would have been great seeing what he would have unleashed that night, I think we all know his act would have stirred up ton’s of bullshit controversy. 

Kudos to LCK for covering his ass and maintaining integrity once again.